foot corn

Corns on the feet are a common occurrence, especially in the older population. Although usually harmless, they can cause pain

oa knee

Osteoarthritis can affect almost any joint in the body, but the most common areas are knees, hips, feet, and small

runners knee blog

Runner’s knee is one of the most common running injuries – so common that its been given it’s own name! 

finger pulley injury

Finger or flexor pulley injuries are one of the most common climbing injuries both in the gym and outdoors. You

verruca removal

Verrucas are really common – name one kid at school that didn’t have one. This is because they are incredibly

ingrown toenail

An ingrown toenail is when the nail of a toe grows into and breaks the skin. This normally happens to

foam rolling

Have you also you’ve seen that person in the gym? the one wincing in pain as they roll themselves over