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Top 5 Signs You Need Toenail Surgery Urgently!

Toenail issues can be a real nuisance, stopping you from enjoying everyday activities. While home remedies like soaking your foot and wearing loose fitting shoes can sometime provide relief, there are cases where professional Podiatry intervention is necessary.

In this blog we’ll cover the top 5 signs and symptoms that toenail removal surgery might be the best cause of action for you.

1. Severe Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toeails ocrrur when the edge of a nail digs into the surrounding skins, causing pain, redness adn inflamation. in mild cases, home eremedies like soaking the foot can help. however svere ingrown toenails often show additional symptoms that will need a Podiatrist’s expert skills:

  • Intense pain that makes walking or wearing shoes difficult.
  • Swelling, redness and heat around the affected toe.
  • Pus around where the toenail touches the skin.

If you are experiencing any of these alongside a regular ingrown toenail, you must seek help from a Podiatrist or Chiropodist to prevent complications like cellulitis or abscesses. 

2. Chronic Toenail Infections

Fungal and bacterial infections can wreak havoc on your toenails, causing discomfort, discolouration, and thickening. While topical medications or antibiotics can often tackle the infection, some cases become chronic:

  • Persistent infections: If you’ve been battling a toenail infection for weeks or months with the recommended treatments, the infection might be deeply rooted and require removal of the affected nail.
  • Severely infected nails: In severe cases, the infection can cause significant damage to the nail bed. Toenail removal allows better access to treat the underlying infection.

3. Damage or Trauma

Severe trauma to the toenail, from dropping something heavy on your foot to repetitive stress from poorly fitting shoes, can damage the nail bed and surrounding tissues. This damage can present as:

  • Chronic pain: The damaged nail bed can cause persistent throbbing or aching pain in the toe.
  • Deformity: Trauma can permanently alter the shape of the toenail, leading to an unsightly appearance.
  • Recurrent infection: A damaged nail bed is more susceptible to infections. This leads to a cycle of infection and treatment, which further damages the toenail.

If this has happened to you, toenail surgery is an effective way to alleviate pain and prevent further complications.

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4. Thickened or Abnormal Nail Growth

Thickened, discoloured, or distorted toenails can be caused by various conditions such as:

  • Fungal infections: As mentioned above, severe fungal infections can cause the nail to become thick, yellow and brittle.
  • Psoriasis: This skin condition can affect the toenails, leading to thickening, pitting and discolouration. 
  • Underlying health problems: Other health conditions such as diabetes can cause a thickening of the nail.

While topical and oral medications might be helpful in some cases, severe or persistent cases may need toenail removal surgery to full eradicate a deeply rooted fungal infection, improve aesthetics, and promote healthy nail growth.

5. When Home Remedies Fail

If you’ve been attempting to treat your symptoms with home remedies like soaking and trimming, and you’re still experiencing signs, it’s time to see a Podiatrist. They can diagnose the underlying cause of your toenail symptoms and recommend the most appropriate treatment course, including toenail removal surgery if necessary. Our experienced Podiatrists and Chiropodists are happy to help at our Brighton and Hove Clinic.

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Don’t let persistent toenail pain disrupt your life. If home remedies aren’t proving relief, our Podiatrists can assess your situation and determine if toenail removal surgery is best for you. Our Podiatrists at S57 Health & Wellbeing Clinic in Hove are experts in treating all types of toenail problems. 

If you need help with toenail surgery, our expert Podiatrists and Chiropodists can help to get you back on your feet!

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