ingrown toenail surgery

Where to Get Ingrown Toenail Surgery

The good news is that because it is not a general anaesthetic surgery, you can get ingrown toenail surgery at most specialised Podiatry and Chiropody clinics, just like ours. You do not need to go into a hospital and can even go home on the same day.

When Do You Need Ingrown Toenail Surgery?

Most ingrown toenails can be treated by our Podiatrists without surgery, however if you notice that the skin surrounding the nail changes colour, becomes inflamed, or gets too painful, this suggests that the toe is infected and will require surgery immediately.

ingrown toenail surgery

How Long Is the Surgery?

Before your toe surgery, you will usually have a consultation with an expert to ensure that you are fit for the local anaesthetic. Then once your Podiatrist is happy, they will book you in for the procedure.

It is a very simple surgery that does not require general anaesthetic and so usually, it takes about one hour. This means that you can go home and put your feet up to rest on the same day!

What Happens during Toenail Surgery?

The Podiatrist will give local anaesthetic to numb the toe. Then they will cut away part of the toenail that is pushing into the tissue and causing the skin to become infected. This allows the skin to regrow against the new edge of the nail. Some infected skin tissue may also be removed.

Our Podiatrists try to keep the removal of the nail to a minimum, to keep as much of the healthy nail intact.

toe surgery

What Happens Afterwards?

The toe will be dressed and protected with a bandage gauze and after a week or two, you will be seen for check ups to redress the toe and ensure that the healing process is going well.

If all is well after a few weeks with no complications, the whole process is finished.

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If you want advice on ingrown toenail surgery, our expert Podiatrists can help to get you back on your feet!

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